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Cartography & Mapping

Tecxtra has extensive expertise in providing cartography mapping services to clients worldwide including cartographic styling, text annotation and placement, design and development of map furniture, and preparation of print ready digital outputs. We offer customized solutions to our clients with value added services, such as modifying a geo-database for a specific country to enable provision of wall, fold, or flip maps, or regional and country map products. Key solutions include:

    Data Development - Creating map databases involving creation of RAW GDB,Structure GDB, Maps, Raster, and vector data analysisand management.

    Cartographic Refinement - Geometry cleanup, styling, text tidy, annotation and placement.

    Layout Design and Indexing - Custom layout creation and preparation of map indexes.

    Custom Map products - including fold maps, atlas maps, recreation maps, 3D mapping and analysis for urban development, Hydropower Sectors.